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Telangana Rc 419 guidelines of teacher trainings

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Rc. No. 419/D/C&T/TSCERT/2015, Dated: 02.05.2015
Sub: SCERT, Telangana, Hyderabad – Undertaking trainings to the In-service  teachers both at Primary and High School Level – Identification of good and  committed Resource Persons for Primary and High Schools by the DEOs – Order issued – Reg.

Telangana Rc 419 guidelines of teacher trainings

All the RJDSEs and DEOs in the State are hereby informed that During the meeting with Teacher Unions all the Teachers Unions informed about poor quality of teacher  trainings due to weak Resource Persons (RPs). The Resource Persons are selected by the  concerned Dy.EOs and DEOs during last year. Repeated instructions have been issued and  a meeting was convened by the C & DSE at Hyderabad and informed all the Dy.EOs and  DEOs for the selection of good RPs and conduct training in a disciplined way. However, in  majority cases no procedure was followed by the Dy.EOs and DEOs in defying the good  RPs. Half of the RPs from the Districts failed in the examination conducted at State Level  training programmes during last year i.e. September/ October, 2014.  Therefore, all the DEOs may requested to identify the subject-wise good RPs both  for Primary Schools and High Schools from each District as given hereunder. 
The Resource Persons may be identified from among School Assistants, Head  Masters of High Schools and Pandits/ School Assistants in case of language subjects. Suggested procedures for identification and selection of Resource Persons  A press note may be given in the District editions calling for applications from the  interested teachers, Head Masters to act as Resource Persons at District and State  Level. The Resource Persons assistance may be taken in providing training  programmes, material development, monitoring of schools and supporting teachers  etc. Information may be taken from DIET Principals, Dy.EOs and District Level good Resource Persons, DCEB Secretaries, Head Masters about the good and committed  Resource Persons. Teachers/ Head Masters who earlier acted as Resource Persons effectively and  participated in the development of textbooks, Modules etc. and their participation in  innovative activities and subject development, ICT practices may also be  considered. Any other procedures felt as necessary may be followed and effective, committed

persons may be identified.
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