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AP PRC Memo 26223 Dt:17.07.2015-AP PRC fixation Bills submit instruction to DTA

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Circular. Memo.No. 26223 A/160/TFR/2015,  Dated:  17.07.2015 
Sub:  Treasuries Fixation of a schedule for presentation of PRC bills at Sub-Treasuries and District Treasuries and the pay&  Accounts officer,  A P.  Hyderabad-Reg
  1.   G.O.  Ms.  No.162,  Finance&  Plg. (FW:  TFR)  Department,  dated 18.09.1992 
  2.   G.O.  Ms.  No.46,  Finance(HR.v-PC)  Department,  dated 30.04.2015. 
  3.    G.O Ms.  No.  17,  Finance(HR.V PC)  Department,  dated 30.04.2015 
  4. 4.  G.O.Ms No.48,  Finance(HR.V-PC))  Department,  dated 30.04.2015   
  5. G.O.Ms.No 49,  Finance(HR V-PC)  Department,  dated 30.04.2015
  6.   G.O.Ms No.67,  Finance(HR.V.PC)  Department,  dated 12.06.2015 '
  7.  Go Ms.  No.68,  Finance(HR,v-pc)  Department,  dated 12.06.2015 

#AP Memo No.26223-A/160/TFR/2015 Fin Dt 17-7-2015, PRC Pay fixation Bills submit Govt have issued instruction to DTA Admmit PRC Bills as spl bills With out time limit.
The pay fixation of the state Government employees in the Revised Pay Scales 2015 in pursuance of the orders in the references 2nd to 4th read above are in progress. Many employees Associations are requesting to expedite fixation of pay in revised scales and payment of salaries in the Revised Pay Scales at the earliest.In pursuance of the above, the Director of Treasuries and Accounts, AP Hyderabad Director of Works Accounts, AP, Hyderabad and the Pay and Accounts Officer of AP Hyderabad are directed to admit bills pertaining to pay fixation claims in respect of Revised Pay Scales 2015 throughout a month. These bills shall be treated as special bills and as a special case be accepted throughout a month.
The DDOs are advised to organize their work in such a manner so as to ensure transition from the submission of PRC bills and preparation of pay bills in the revised pay scales for these bills sothat the Treasury and PAO officers are not put to inconvenience because of bunching of claims

                               HEMA MUNIVENKATAPPA
                                 SPECIAL SECRETARY TO GOVERNMENT

To The Director of Treasuries and Accounts,
 A.P.  Hyd The Director of Works Accounts,
 AP.  Hyderabad The Pay&  Accounts afficer,

 A.P.  Hyderabad.  il Secretariat Departments

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